Three Ways to Get Ready For The Sales Explosion!

In the next few months, we will enter a sales cycle like we’ve never experienced before. Unlike a recession where we wait for some economic spark to get us out of the downturn, this next cycle will be different. Essentially, there will be a call made and everyone will be looking to re-open their businesses simultaneously.

The pressure this will put on all services – furniture making, deliveries, electrical, plumbing, painting, internet wiring, etc.– will be so extreme that we will be faced with service and goods shortages and rising costs which will impact businesses reopening.  

As a salesperson, you’ll have to work much differently than merely calling your clients to check-in and see how you can help. To really enjoy the benefits of a market that truly only comes once-in-a-lifetime, you’ll have to think very differently about how best to work with and support your clients. 

Here are three ways to prepare ahead and plan for success:

  1. Educate yourself and become the go-to resource for clients. In order to succeed, you are going to need to be able to answer any and all questions your client may have. You’ll need to become their trusted advisor through the reopening process.  So get up to speed and learn about all of the potential services your clients may need. 
  • Partner with third-party vendors.  Begin partnering with other vendors who can put you and your clients on the top of their service list. This can include partnering telecommunications company, a moving company, a contractor, an architect permit expediter, etc. When it comes time to go to work, you won’t leave your client stranded without resources because you put in place agreements ahead of the demand. 
  • Prepare a comprehensive plan of action for your clients. Don’t let your clients guess what they need in order to reopen. Create a plan based on their industry, office space, number of employees, etc., and prepare them for a smooth transition back to the office. Give them tips on preparing social distancing guidelines, maybe put in a place a new wellness program to monitor employee’s health, safety measures for handling physical product, how to communicate the new plans to employees. This may sound outside your arena, but by going above and beyond for your client, you will be rewarded nothing with their business but their loyalty in years to come.

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