The Best Habits to Succeed In Sales

HubSpot, a free CRM, also provides excellent sales and marketing tips.  Recently, I was reading their article titled “26 Habits of Incredibly Successful Salespeople” and thought I would share my thoughts on their top three.  

The first habit is what they call the “delightful” salesperson.  This relates to your positive first impression and capability in establishing any business relationship. As salespeople, we have to be “on all the time” with a positive attitude.  No one wants to buy any product or service from someone who starts with a negative or push-back personality.

We recently toured an office space where the senior broker could not show us the area and instead sent her assistant. This assistant barely said hello to us, provided zero accurate information, and gave the impression that she doesn’t care about us.  The problem starts with the senior broker. She should know not to send anyone that does not represent her and her company in the best of light.

“Delightful salespeople” need to be just that, delightful.  Even if you lack knowledge, you can still make a positive impression and show you care by asking questions. Using questions to mask your lack of knowledge keeps the potential client engaged with you.

The second habit in the article is to be “enthusiastic.” This references the importance of putting in all the necessary work regarding how tough a deal is.  

All salespeople have encountered bad or unresponsive clients, but still manage to close deals with enthusiastic behavior.  Great salespeople know that you cannot show negative emotions in any point of the transaction, from beginning to end. Frustration can occur, but like any professional athletic, you must push through it.

The third habit is to be “analytical.” You may be delightful and enthusiastic, but you must also come prepared. It would help if you were regarded as dependable, fact-driven, and able to address any questions or concerns that your potential or existing client may have. 

Your client is looking to you to solve their problems. If you do not come prepared or cannot find a way to address their needs timely, you will lose the business.  One thing is essential to remember­– it’s ok not to know everything.   It’s a disaster in the making if you try to wing it.  Therefore, the right approach is always to acknowledge the question and confirm that you will find out the correct information and get back to them. And then make sure you follow through with your promise.

These three habits are just part of building solid habits that will help you succeed in sales. It takes discipline to incorporate them into your routine. If you don’t, you will certainly fail to achieve your very best results.

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