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Update On New Partnership With ‘Keep America Beautiful’ & ‘Keep California Beautiful’

I’m very excited to share that we are now partnering Keep America Beautiful, a leading national nonprofit with a mission to inspire and educate people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment, as well as Keep California Beautiful, another non-profit organization dedicated to alternative waste management, beautification, community networking and outreach.

This week, I met with the directors from both organizations who are very enthusiastic and hopeful about this collaboration. Our goal is to clean up and beautify the arteries leading into and out of San Francisco, including freeways coming to and off the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, 19th Avenue, and the 280 Freeway. The intention is to create a public-private partnership that can work with Caltrans and other necessary city and state agencies to enhance these key entry points into and out of our city. 

Park at 5th and Bryant Street Today

As a first step, they wanted me to create a brief outline of what we are willing to do. Here is my proposal:

Proposed mock-up of the park

As the first project, we would like to restore the park under the 5th and Bryant street freeway on-ramp. For years, this park served as a welcome to the city and a beautiful reminder for people who left it to go onto the Bay Bridge. 

Today, this park is barren and full of litter. By partnering with Keep American Beautiful and Keep California Beautiful, we plan to spearhead a joint plan with Caltrans to restore this park once again. 

When driving into the city from the Bay Bridge, 5th and Bryant serves as the main road leading directly to our convention center to the north on the south side. Visitors drive onto the ramp when they leave the city and soon, this ramp will have a direct view of future Kilroy development project at the current Flower Mart. 

Our contribution will be funds from both corporate and individual sponsorships. We will also have the resources to assist in the planning and development of the park as well. 

We look forward to sharing the latest update after our next meeting, but am hopeful that change is coming!

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