Plan Your Office Reopening Now, Before it is Too Late

Hand with protective glove cleaning a keyboard with disinfectant. COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak prevention concept. Top view

Our offices are still closed, so why should we be worried about opening our offices right this moment? Most firms aren’t expecting to reopen offices until June at the earliest.  

When offices do reopen, businesses will still need to plan far ahead in order to meet future health and safety precautions that will protect employees from coronavirus. This includes social distancing measures, mask requirements, sanitizing work stations and common areas, etc. Right now, most offices are not ready to meet those safety requirements. They’ll need to rearrange furniture, install protective barriers between employee work stations, install robust air filtering systems, etc.  As a result, most offices will have to be reworked, otherwise they won’t work in their current state or location. 

The main challenge for office tenants is going to be the overwhelming amount of services that will need to be done in order to open their office – and many others— all at once.  Tenants with lease obligations need to understand that they will be competing with other tenants who are in the same exact scenario as them. Further, there are going to be even more tenants whose lease expired in 2020 with no renewal in place or they already moved out of their old offices and will be looking for new space. 

To add to all of this, there are several tenants who have leases set to expire in 2022 who will need to decide whether or not to stay, leave, close their offices, or move to a new location. 

All of these tenants are going to find themselves competing with one another to find moving companies, IT services, general contractors, office furniture sales, and anything else you would need to reopen your office.  Don’t forget furniture deliveries across the country are already delayed 6-8 weeks from the original delivery date and key items for reopening like splash guards are also delayed 12 weeks.  

Therefore, you need to begin the process to reopen your office right NOW, or risk not being able to open at all.   

Here are three ways to start the reopening process:

  1. The first step is to find a commercial real estate professional you trust and begin evaluating your space against other space options that are on the market. 
  2. Next, you need to hire a professional furniture purchaser who can advise you on the new office layouts to meet COVID-19 safety requirements.  
  3. The second you know what you’re doing with your office space, make sure to contact a moving company so you can get in their calendar sooner rather than later. 
  4. In addition to movers, you’ll want to book your IT providers to wire the office properly and make sure everything is working smoothly before the reopen. 

Don’t wait- plan your office reopening today!