Great Salespeople Thrive in Uncertain Markets

Craig, who works with me in commercial real estate, had one of his best years ever in 2020. He has been a top producer in our market for some time now, but in 2020, he “hit it out of the park.” 

What did he do to achieve such success?  First, he looked at the landscape of his market and looked for opportunities – even in a very uncertain market.  He pivoted his business into almost exclusively sales instead of his previous “bread and butter” of leasing. 

With the inability to work in the office and two small children and a wife at home– Craig also quickly realized the critical need to find new ways to be productive, remotely.  

He became a focused cold-calling machine.  He called all previous active players and found opportunities to buy and sell with one another–  and they did just that.  Most of the deals were off the market and all required swift closes. 

Great salespeople know that an uncertain market is loaded with new opportunities– you just have to look closely to find where the needs and wants are going to be.  Our industry may appear to be frozen due to COVID-19 restrictions, but in fact, it’s not.  Over 400 commercial sales in the Bay Area were reported by CoStar in 2020 alone; someone represented a buyer, and someone represented a seller in the majority of these transactions. Great salespeople also recognized an exodus from California, so they focused on selling assets here while referring clients to brokers in other markets to obtain a referral bonus in those markets. 

Average or under-performing salespeople were hit hard by loss and defeat because they could not see the opportunities that resided “past the trees.”  Salespeople are most needed in uncertain times.  We shine in this market when we make it a point to consistently reach out to potential clients and offer something in return. For example, sharing news of the latest sale or lease, passing along information on COVID-19 restrictions they may not have heard about, and then ask the critical question, “Do you have an asset you would like to purchase or depose of?”   

If you are sitting on your hands during this tremendous potential market, you have failed to benefit from this one-in-a-lifetime market we are experiencing today. 

Become one of the few GREAT salespeople as you enter 2021. Create a game plan by looking at where the opportunities are for you going in this New Year and then reach out to clients every day to secure new business for yourself. Then, more importantly, measure your results daily, weekly, and monthly to make sure you stay on track.  If something is not working, figure out why or pivot to something else. This market is yours to take or lose.